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Field Trip Information


 The purpose of any field trip is to enhance or supplement the student’s educational experience in a way that leads to greater: academic achievement; social, cultural and emotional awareness; participation in interscholastic competition.


Types of field trips

School Journey - Curricular - Extracurricular - Athletic


Processing a Routine Field Trip for Teachers

The Principal reviews the Request for Approval of School-Organized Trip for Students to ensure educational value and correlation to the instructional program.

Steps for Teacher Requesting Field Trip

1. Check the Pre-Approved Field Trip Sites List and determine that there are funds available before planning the trip (Department Chair, Program Coordinator, Administrator, etc.).

2. Determine that the destination is accessible on the date desired, complete Trip Request Forms with staff signatures and trip information. The goal for signatures is to ensure that adequate supervision can be provided during the field trip - one adult for every 10 children.

3. Complete/submit Trip Request Forms through the school site Operations Administrator at least 4 - 5 weeks prior to proposed dates for approval.

4. Submit transportation forms to the SAA (School Administrative Assistant) though the Transportation Field Trip Request System at least 4 weeks prior to the trip. (The SAA ensures that transportation arrangements are sufficient for transporting students, including students with disabilities, and all supervising adults to and from the field trip location.)

5. Notify/confer the School Nurse with a list of attending students at least 4 weeks prior to the planned field trip .

6. Ensure availability of a basic first aid kit.

7. Complete a Cafeteria Lunch Request form and submit to the Cafe Manager 4 - 5 weeks prior to departure.

8. Verify Parent’s or Guardian’s Permission for a Field Trip and Authorization for Medical Care  is completed and signed in TWO locations (above & below dash) by the parent or guardian at least 2 weeks prior to departure.  The supervising teacher takes this  on the trip.

9. Prepare list of attending students and non-attending students

Checklist for Field Trips



 Confirm the trip with Transportation, including lift buses if required for a student with a disability, and get a confirmation number.  Print out a map of the area. (Google Maps, Mapquest, etc.)

 Confirm the closest hospital, police station and LAUSD facility to the destination.

 Collect trip slips with parent/guardian signature.

 Create a roster of participating students.

 Check for participating students and/or staff with special needs.

 Collect emergency contact numbers and information for participating students, and supervising staff and volunteers.

 Contact the site to see if it has an emergency plan and review the emergency roles and responsibilities expected by the site of LAUSD guests.



 Create a roster of students present and take roll.

 Confirm that you have, in hand, a signed trip slip for every student. Give a copy of the student roster (including student ID numbers) to the school office with the trip information. Have all adults exchange names and cell phone numbers. 

BEFORE BOARDING THE BUS - Students pick up school lunches from cafeteria

 Meet the bus driver, get the bus driver’s name, and sign the Dispatch Report provided by the bus driver . Write down the number of the bus and Bus Dispatch’s phone number and share it with everyone.

 Count the students as they get on the bus and have them sit in a logical order. Count the students again once they are seated. Ask the driver to review the bus emergency procedures and bus rules. Confirm with the driver pick up time and location.

 Discuss with everyone where you will reunite in the event of an earthquake or other large emergency.

 Review with everyone when and where they are to go if they get separated from the group.

 Count the students at the destination as they get off the bus.

 Insure that there is proper supervision of the students at the site.

 Be early to the rendezvous point at end of the visit.

 Count all students and staff as they re-board the bus.

 Have students sit in the same order for the return trip.

 Count the people on the bus before it leaves the site.



 Keep a file of all paperwork for the trip.

 Complete the School Bus Transportation Field Trip Survey (

 Share any maps or information about the site with other future trip supervisors.

Nurse Clearance is Required for Every Trip

  • The nurse must be provided a list of all attending students at least 4 weeks prior to the field trip.
  • Parents & students must sign a medical approval / acknowledgement form which will be collected and resubmitted by the teacher(s) to the nurse for student clearance.

LAUSD Risk Mangagement Site

Risk Management & Insurance Services (RM) works closely with Principals, Local District Offices, the Office of Instruction and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) to ensure that field trips taken by LAUSD students are not only academically stimulating, but also take place in a safe environment. 

Telephone Numbers

Beyond the Bell (Office of Outdoor and Environmental Education

(213) 241-7900
Division of Instruction (213) 241-5333
Transportation Services Division (800) 522-8737
Los Angeles Unified School District Watch Commander (213) 625-6631
Office of Emergency Services (213) 241-3139
Office of Risk Management (213) 241-3139
Division of Special Education (213) 241-6701
District Nursing Services (213) 241-0164