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Principal's Message

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you at John Adams Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year. As we start this unprecedented year together, I wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Mr. Gabriel Arreguin, I will be serving as your new Principal for many years to come. I have the honor to have grown up in our community, and have devoted my career to inspiring our leaders of tomorrow. Our South L.A students. When, I initially left our community to attain my degree at Saint Mary’s College of California in the bay area the most difficult part became leaving my neighborhood, friends, mentors, and family.  Many of my close friends advised me that attending college so far away was a mistake. In retrospect, attending Saint Mary’s College has been the best decision I could have ever made. During my time at Saint Mary’s College, I developed a passion for leadership, service, but most importantly education. In 2001 I decided to move back to South L.A and become a teacher. I then followed to get my Masters degree in Special Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills. As I moved on, I had the opportunity to become an Assistant Principal at various Elementary schools, and lastly at Stevenson Middle School in Boyle Heights. And as fate tends to act, I returned to South L.A the past five years as the Principal of Estrella Elementary. The past five years, I was able to lead a local Elementary school into one of the highest performing schools in South L.A. And as difficult as it was leaving Estrella Elementary, it is equally exciting to start a new chapter with all of you here at John Adams Middle School. As your new Principal I come to John Adams to honor and continue the amazing work that has occurred and will continue to occur. I plan on supporting our staff, teachers, parents, and students to continue to excel and to attain new heights. So I ask all of you. Join me in this new journey as a partner. I am always accessible, visible, and willing to support you in anything that you may need as a parent or community member.

This academic year will be very different than any other year we have ever encountered. I want all of our families to know that all of our staff are working diligently to ensure our school is safe, clean, accessible, and that our students have all the necessary tools to learn from home. I do want to assure you that although we will start the year in distance learning, once its deemed safe to return, our school will be ready for staff, students, and community. Until then, I do ask that you log in to our website routinely for new information and upcoming events. Our main office is also open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. to answer any of your questions, over the phone or in person. Once again, I am looking forward on meeting all of you very soon. John Adams Middle School is here to serve you. Stay safe, and see you soon.