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For Parents

BUL-6336.0 July 22, 2014
Office of the Superintendent
Attachment C1
Los Angeles Unified School District
Title I Parent Involvement Policy

1. LAUSD will involve parents in the joint development of the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan by inviting parents of Title I students to participate in Title I Parent Study Groups at each Educational Service Center (ESC), in the District’s Title I Focus Group, and in        school level activities related to the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan, including budget and program development for all categorical programs. The District will also invite parents to participate in special training to support their understanding of the LAUSD Program Improvement Plan and the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).

2. LAUSD, through the Parent Community Student Services Branch (PCSB) and the Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) staff at each ESC, will provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist Title I schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Staff from PACE and PCSB will develop tools and curriculum and will provide training to school staff in the following areas:
School Goals for Parent Engagement Special assistance to targeted schools
Capacity-building programs Partnership Action Teams
School Volunteer Program

3. LAUSD will build the schools’ and parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement by providing the training and tools necessary for schools to operate effective parent engagement programs from pre-school to 12th grade. Through PCSB and ESC PACE staff, the LAUSD will support school capacity-building initiatives through the following:
Training for parents on District academic initiatives
Parent and Family Center Improvement Program
Training for school staff on how to support parent engagement

4. LAUSD will coordinate and integrate the parental involvement strategies described in this policy with parental involvement strategies under other programs, including those managed by other LAUSD departments and or/units:
Multilingual and Multicultural Education Division of Special Education
Early Childhood Education Federal and State Education Programs
Information Technology Division Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Beyond the Bell Student Integration and School Choice
Office of Data and Accountability

5. LAUSD will conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy in improving the academic quality of Title I schools, including identifying barriers to greater parent participation in Title I activities (with particular attention to parents who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority background). LAUSD will use the findings of such evaluation to design strategies for more effective parental involvement and to revise as needed, the District Title I Parent Involvement Policy. The District will utilize ESC Title I Parent Study Groups to examine the effectiveness of the parent engagement strategies and programs on student achievement at Title I schools.

6. LAUSD will involve parents in the activities of Title I schools, will ensure schools communicate effectively with parents, welcome them as partners, and provide opportunities to help them support their children’s learning and achievement. LAUSD will ensure that parents are knowledgeable about student and school performance data, their rights and responsibilities, including their right to choose a school for their children, and how to support their children’s education.
This is a summary of the LAUSD Title I Parent Involvement Policy passed in December of 2012.
A hard copy of the entire policy may be requested at each school.


  • Students are reminded that their attendance goal is to be present in school 96% of the time.  It means that you cannot have more than 7 absences during the entire school year.  Also remember to get to your classes on time.
  • CLEAN School-Patriot Pride and Responsibility


  • Supervising at your door during the transition:  Supervision is essential during out transitions.  All teachers are to participate in supervision during the passing period ensuring that students are safely moving to class.  This is also a great opportunity to greet students and set the tone for a productive class period.
  • LAUSD Employee Attendance Policy: LAUSD has a goal that all employees be present 96% of the time.  I encourage all John Adams employees to meet/exceed this goal by the end of the school year.
  • Attendance Submittal: Please make sure that you submit your attendance within the first 15 minutes of each period.

LAUSD Teaching & Learning Framework Instructional Focus

  • T & LF 3b2 Discussion Technique and Student Participation
  • T & LF 3c1 Standards-Based Projects.  Activities and Assignments
  • T & LF 3c2 Purposeful and Productive Instructional Groups
  • T & LF 3d3 Feedback to students

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